Villalba Housing for the Elderly

This is my home
Villalba Housing for the Elderly
Villalba, Puerto Rico

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“This is my home,” thus a resident describes the experience of leading a happy and healthy home life in a pleasant and safe apartment at VILLALBA HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY.

Located at the top of a hill at the entrance of the town of Villalba, the House is conveniently situated minutes from San Cristobal Hospital, shopping centers, doctors, laboratories, pharmacies, supermarkets and banks. VILLALBA HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY is a modern residential complex,  specially designed to meet the needs of people 62 years or older. Its comfortable and fully equipped one bedroom apartments for singles or couples, enjoy spacious interiors, modern bathrooms, and good cross ventilation and lighting. They also include an area where residents can connect their own washing machines, if they so desire.

Residents at VILLALBA HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY, besides delighting in the fresh mountain breezes and wooded grounds, are part of a close-knit community that  enjoys organizing activities and recreational outings throughout the island.

To make VILLALBA HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY your home, you need to meet the requirements of the  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Rent is 30% of your income. If  you have no income, in some cases you will not have to pay any rent.


  • 56 spacious and airy one bedroom apartments
  • Fully equipped kitchens: cabinets, stove, refrigerator and heater
  • Free water and subsidy payments for electricity
  • Free Cable TV for all residents
  • Space inside apartments for washing machines
  • Laundry with coin operated washing and drying machines
  • Large social activities hall
  • Parking for residents
  • Access control
  • Security
  • Services Coordinator
  • Bus to provide transportation to medical visits and supermarkets, and for recreational outings
  • Pet Policy: pets are allowed, if they meet certain requirements
  • Parking for visitors
  • Activities: chats, health fairs and excursions

VILLALBA HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY has an active resident community, where sharing is an integral part of the daily life of the residents.

What our residents say

Joaquina Roman, 77 years old
“Since I arrived, I felt like this was my home. This home is excellent. Here life is good, there is no  place quieter. There is  immense  peace, and when you go to bed, you sleep well, because nothing interrupts your sleep.”

Virginia Rodriguez Davila, 75 years old
“I have lived here for  two years. I applied and I had no problem getting my apartment. I’m from Villalba, and I always liked this building. People living here are good, and my apartment is comfortable. I have a big, airy apartment,  and I can even have my own washing machine in my apartment. In Villalba you pay based on your income, and since I receive very little from Social Security, for me this place is perfect.”

Nereida Huertas, 68 years old
“My mom lived here for several years, so I always said that when I reached that certain  age, I would move to VILLALBA HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY. I always tell everyone who asks me that I like my apartment, my tranquility,  the quiet and the cool breezes that are part of the Home. I belong to the activities committee, I am the one who invents things, activities, outings. We have a good time and the community is very good, not to mention the administration which helps us all. “

To apply you need to:

  • Be 62 years old or older
  • Submit your Birth certificate (original)
  • Submit a Certificate of Good Conduct (original)
  • Submit your Social Security card (original)
  • Meet the requirements of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Road149, Km. 57.6
Tierra Santa
Villalba, P.R. 00766

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